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12 Best Halloween Movies to Make You Laugh, Cry and Hide Behind The Sofa


The end of October often brings hordes of demons, ghosts and other such terrors from the netherworld to your doorstep. Usually in search of tiny Mars bars and small bags of peanut M&Ms, those pint-sized candy hunters known as trick or treaters are a part of Halloween; a nightmare event for some, a delight for others.

For the citizens of cinema it's no different. Characters face the festivities the same as we do -- albeit in fantastical and outlandish ways. Whether it's a terrifying horror or a chucklesome comedy the annual spooky holiday has made its way into plenty of titles. Will you laugh, will you cry, or will you cower behind the sofa? With this selection of Halloween-themed movies it'll probably be a bit of all three...

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