Terminator Salvation Revisted: 'You Cannot Save John Connor'


Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines showed that a Terminator universe without James Cameron was its own kind of wasteland. Schwarzenegger wasn’t enough, and retreading the same premise as T2—T-800 comes back in time to protect John Connor from a more advanced Terminator—made the third installment mostly pointless. The only part of that movie that significantly moved anything forward was the ending, and we already knew where that ending would take us.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv31260d ago

ouch, could Genesys really be that bad?

Hold_It1260d ago

It really was. I can safely say that if you saw the trailers, you already saw the movie.

MilkMan1260d ago

I didn't find anything terribly wrong with Salvation. I was super excited to see where the stories would go and with a strong lead as Christian Bale I thought the series had some excellent footing to start again. The more I see of Genesys, the more I know I'm staying away.
If it wasn't for the horrible f**king trend that Hollywood has now of giving you ALL the money shots and ALL the best plot points of the movie in the trailers, Salvation would have been even better.

Thank GOD the Crying Game wasn't released in this day in age. Or Psycho, it would have been ruined.