The Strain Photos From "BK, NY"

It seems like forever since our ragtag team of heroes failed to take down The Master.

On July 12, we rejoin Eph, Nora, Abraham, Fet, Dutch, Gus and a few new characters as they continue to fight the good fight. Doctor's Goodweather and Martinez shift their focus back to science in an attempt to create a bio-weapon that kills strigoi.

Meanwhile, Setrakian searches for an ancient book known as the "Occido Lumen," which details the strigoi's history and may contain a weakness to defeat them.

Take a few moments to catch up with the gang and learn a few important details about The Strain Season 2 Episode 1. This season promises to be more insane than the first, because naturally the Master won't take any of this lying down.

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alycakes1268d ago

This is soooooooo good and soooooo gross and creepy, can't wait to see it.