Ballers: “Raise Up” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Despite all the money, cars, and mansions, Ballers isn’t a flashy show. As a drama, it’s fairly low-key, and as a comedy it’s hardly pulling out any belly laughs. In some ways though, that’s to the show’s benefit. Sometimes a show can stand out just by being different from everything else on its network. There’s no way Ballers can compete with Veep or Game Of Thrones, but the point is that it doesn’t have to. The issues of the first episode, from the sometimes-stilted dialogue to the relative lack of narrative momentum, seem less detrimental and obvious in “Raise Up.” There’s a comfort that pervades the second episode of the season, as if the show is settling into a groove and no longer trying to adhere to all the expectations of a series premiere.

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