Kevin Feige: Next Spider-Man Will Have New Villains, John Hughes Vibe


How is it that after five Spider-Man films we’ve never had a great Flash Thompson storyline?

I hope Kevin Feige agrees with me. I think he does. Talking to him this weekend at the Ant-Man junket I asked about this aspect of the Spidey story and whether we might see more of the soap opera side of Peter Parker’s life in the next film. Feige dropped an atom bomb of a reference in his reply: John Hughes.

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04roacht1269d ago

Mysterio will probably be the first villain. I do think Norman Osborn will appear too but not as Goblin. Yet. Shocker, Kraven, Scorpion are all ones I would like to see. Plus black cat.

HRoach6161269d ago

I was JUST gonna say mysterio myself. Maybe they could bring in Doctor Strange. Have Spider-Man think maybe it's a supernatural thing at first so he goes to Strange for his advice... That would be beyond awesome. They have been together a lot in the comics. Strange is always his go to guy when Spider-Man needs him.

HRoach6161269d ago

I just noticed we both have roach in our names lol bubble up for that alone lol

04roacht1268d ago

I've given you a bubble up to. lol. I think a Doctor Strange Spider-Man crossover could work really well.

Soldierone1268d ago

For the love of god, please be Mysterio!

ironfist921268d ago

When the hell are we ever going to get a proper Venom?