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Oscar is the most coveted honor that an actor can get in the world of Hollywood. Every actor aspires to have one sitting on his shelf. But there are actors who despite delivering consistently both in terms of box office and critical acclaim, have been denied their moment of Oscar glory. Here is a list of great actors who should have won an Oscar by now:

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ReconHope1265d ago

Do people really think Leo deserved an Oscar for Wolf of Wall Street. I mean it was a fun movie to watch and interesting... but oscar worthy. Not in my opinion.

04roacht1265d ago

No it was not oscar worthy at all in my opinion. It wasn't even that great a film in my opinion.

1264d ago
04roacht1265d ago

Glad to see Gary Oldman on this list. The fact he lost out for TTSS is a joke.

StarWarsFan1264d ago

I think Johnny Depp might be in for an Oscar nomination this year for his work in Black Mass. Hopefully the film is excellent because his transformation is incredible.

theadityatech1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

If Leo doesn't deserve an Oscar, then no one does. I believe, they should start a new set of Awards, "Leo DiCaprio Award for Outstanding Acting". On the other hand, we all are entitled to our opinion.

MWH1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

DiCaprio deserves an Oscar for films other than Wolf of Wallstreet and Edward Norton deserves a mention for his legendary performance in American History X.

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