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Wayward Pines: “Choices” Review - AVClub

AVClub: What would you do, were you in Ethan Burke’s shoes?

It’s a timely question, given that much of this week’s episode is dedicated to convincing Ethan of the noble intent behind the experiment of Wayward Pines. David Pilcher repeatedly asks him to consider the necessity of what’s been done, but Ethan isn’t buying it. It’s fate that creates the circumstances we don’t choose for ourselves, he argues, not other people. But Pilcher continually cites the countless ways that life in the 21st century wasn’t free from such meddling, either. “Others have always made choices for us. Think of the millions drafted into wars decided by their leaders, the causes of which in retrospect seem utterly meaningless,” he points out. A fitting analogy, given that Ethan compares Pilcher to Stalin shortly thereafter—another person who “spied on his citizens and executed them.” It’s a biting comment—but ultimately an inaccurate one.

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