Under The Dome: “Move On”/“But I’m Not” Review - AVClub

AVClub: The third(!) season premiere of Under The Dome begins by doubling down on the confusion that has become its stock in trade. Following a comically unhelpful recap of the story so far, we find ourselves in the tunnels under Chester’s Mill, where most of the residents have gathered to follow Melanie “home.” In this case, home appears to be a fluffy cloud, but when Barbie steps onto it, he finds himself covered in goo. Now everyone is outside the dome, which crackles with purple-pink energy and collapses. Barbie goes back into Chester’s Mill and finds Big Jim impaled on a stick and Julia and Junior likewise dead. Then suddenly he’s in Yemen running a black ops hostage rescue. This all happens in the first five minutes, despite the showrunners’ pre-season assurances that this episode would be a good place for first-time viewers to drop in. It’s nice to know they still have a sense of humor.

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