White Collar Season 3 Episode 10 Review: “Countdown” | TVOM

The race against time is on in this episode of White Collar. Peter brings in Agent Kramer (guest star Beau Bridges) when the FBI gets wind of the Degas painting that was sold in New York. Peter and Agent Kramer then interrogate Neal, asking him hypothetical questions about the painting and what he would do to get rid of it to avoid being taken down by the FBI. Agent Kramer then presents Neal with two suspects: Gus Leland, who deals exclusively in French impressionists, and Rusty, an expert on spotting art forgeries. It is revealed later in the episode that Rusty is the person whom Mozzie fenced off the Degas to, and now Neal has to retrieve the painting before Peter and Agent Kramer do. Let the race begin."

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