Inside Amy Schumer: “Foam” Review - AVClub

AVClub: After a short hiatus, Inside Amy Schumer is back with a sharp, well-rounded episode dismantling fairy tales and the scripts people think they’re supposed to follow.

The episode gets its title from “Foam,” a sketch without dialogue set in a sepia-tinted and ambiguously European cafe, a sort of idyllic world where baristas are strapping, yearning hunks in suspenders and the days are marked with calligraphed placards. A courtship between Amy and the improbably attractive barista plays out in wordless gifts of latte art, a fantasy of exchanging longing looks through espresso machine steam. The whole vibe is very the-VHS-cover-of-Chocolat, swoony and continental and cafe-romance-based. And then, of course, thing fall apart. The latte art is not true love and Juliette Binoche is nowhere to be found.

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