Ron Howard: Tom Holland Brings 'Humour' to Spiderman


Ron Howard, who directed teenager Tom Holland in movie In The Heart Of The Sea, says the British 19-year-old will bring “heart and humour” to his new Spiderman role.

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-Foxtrot1268d ago

They did all this bigging up with Garfield and in the end it got abit sickening. Why don't you let us see for ourselves instead of trying to big him up

This is why people get higher expectations the normal

freshslicepizza1268d ago

you're right. we shouldn't be criticising err i mean praising anything until we see it.

WizzroSupreme1268d ago

Like the look of him, but I've said that before. It really depends on kind of Peter Parker Marvel's envisioning more than Tom Holland's capacity to execute it. Direction is everything, as Amazing Spider-man proved.