Star Wars: The Force Awakens Actor Assures: 'It’s Gonna Be Incredible'


Imagine your best friend is directing a Star Wars movie and he wants you to be in the film. That’s what happened to actor Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Lost), who was called by his longtime buddy and frequent collaborator J.J. Abrams after the Star Trek director landed The Force Awakens. Below Grunberg, who is signed for three films and reportedly plays an X-Wing pilot, shares his infectious enthusiasm for the eagerly awaited seventh Star Wars feature, which is scheduled to open on Dec. 18. Though Grunberg doesn’t give away any spoilers (of course), it’s tough not to feel excited about the new film after hearing his perspective—including how the production was so Abrams-esque secretive, even iconic stars like Carrie Fisher couldn’t take their scripts home to memorize their lines (which might explain why The Force Awakens script hasn’t leaked, even though several plot points from the film apparently have).

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GiantEnemyCrab1266d ago

Is he reprising the Jek Porkins role? Just needs a beard.

Gotta love getting a huge role like this because you know some one.

WizzroSupreme1266d ago

Well of course he'd say that. But it sure does look great so far, though without any narrative context we just don't know what the whole set-up here even is.