Star Wars Rebels: Siege of Lothal Review | Fandom Post

Fandom Post: "The first season of Star Wars Rebels was one that was frustrating for me a lot of the time because it worked an odd and too familiar approach to introducing things. Keeping it separate from the big picture wasn’t a bad thing, but it was too focused on Lothal and it didn’t feel like the characters really felt grounded and connected in the larger universe. That started to change in the final episodes, which brought things together in a good way for me, as it felt like the show was now a part of things. It also doesn’t hurt that the Kanan comic book series is doubly expanding things for the show and we’ve got the creators of this series talking about this series entering its “Empire” phase in terms of ramping things up and getting more serious. And how could it not get more serious with the addition of Darth Vader?"

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