The Brink: Series Premiere Review - IGN

IGN: Political satire is tricky, and HBO already has a winner with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Veep. Taking a gamble on another half hour comedy in this world is a risky move, but it’s one the cabler seems willing to take with The Brink, debuting Sunday. At least they’re going into it with a lot of star power and fanfare.
The Brink follows three distinctive viewpoints as the U.S. looms close to a potential war, after the Pakistan government falls and a crazed general (Iqbal Theba) gains access to nuclear arms. Alex Talbot (Jack Black) is the low-level embassy guy who twice applied to the CIA but was rejected; Secretary of State Walter Larson (Tim Robbins), is a guy whose politicking is matched by his womanizing and boozing; and fighter-pilot Zeke Tilson (Orange is the New Black's Pablo Schreiber) is someone who is great at his job, but his personal life is marred with financial and women troubles.

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