10 Movie Trailers that Surpassed Their Feature Length Counterparts

From Cinelinx:

Feature length films can hardly hope to brave their condensed highlighted counterparts. Often a series of the film's most striking visual scenes and a tangent on the films main “ideas” they can sometimes surpass the grind of an hour, two, or three at a traveling peak of over sensory delight. Below I have assembled trailers that transcended their full-length partners or did well to weave a convincing mask.

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level 3601272d ago

Watchmen was quite astonishing honestly. Great screenplay/story, picked the right actors.

akaFullMetal1271d ago

I thought Watchmen was really good, and kept pretty true to the comic.

AaronHunt1271d ago

Good casting, and great visuals... But many scenes fell horribly flat, such as flashbacks to the Comedian's incident with the pregnant woman. What happens is horrible, and it feels like a perverse dud. Scenes involving gratuity and even rape are simply there as if they justify themselves. But then there's Dr. Manhattan's scenes which are mostly inspired and given time. It's a mixed bag that doesn't live up the perfection of it's graphic novel, or promising trailer.