Steven Universe: “Keeping It Together” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Garnet is the best. Everyone knows it—if they didn’t before, then they certainly did after “Stronger Than You.” (If you are still stanning for Pearl or Amethyst, I respect your dedication but also let’s never hang out.)

“Keeping It Together” deals with that particular piece of fallout in a couple of different ways, both by acknowledging the way that the revelation of Garnet’s identity as a fusion makes her indisputably the best Gem and that it raises lots of questions about the nature of Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship and how, exactly, they combine to form Garnet. Thankfully, it resists the urge to do this through an exposition dump (or even a series of them), instead allowing us to understand more about the mystical, kick-ass being that is Garnet by letting her just react to stuff (and, okay, maybe have some adorable conversations with Steven in the process).

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