Spider-Man's Villains Need To Have A Large Impact On The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Green Goblin. Doctor Octopus. Venom. Mysterio. Electro. Morbius. Shocker. Rhino. You can't have a Spider-Man film without Spider-Man villains. Not exactly an earth-shattering revleation but the Marvel fandom is currently fixed on the hero when it needs to be thinking about the villains. Marvel Studios knows this, which is why they're working incredibly fast to lay the groundwork for Spider-Man's chief antagonist, the Green Goblin (Oscorp is set to be introduced in Ant-Man). But don't get me wrong. As the most popular Marvel superhero in the world, strategically, securing Spider-Man is a huge coup for Marvel Studios even though Sony will still reap the lion's share of any film profits.

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