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Penny Dreadful: “Little Scorpion” Review - AVClub

AVClub: While not strictly a bottle episode, “Little Scorpion” does devote the bulk of its running time to one location and two characters: Vanessa and Chandler holed up at the Cut-Wife’s former cottage on the moors. This turns out to be just the right move for this point in the season. For one thing, it gives us an extended look at the interplay between Eva Green and Josh Hartnett, and the resulting contrast in acting styles; when they share the screen, Penny Dreadful hits the sweet spot between highly theatrical stylization and “aw shucks” naturalism. In terms of the season-long arc, the pairing is crucial because, with all due respect to the rest of the ensemble, the relationship between Vanessa and Chandler needs the time and attention given to it here as the characters grow ever closer.

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