Golan The Insatiable: “Shame On Pee” Review - AVClub

AVClub: If there’s anything straightforward about Golan The Insatiable, it’s that the show definitely shouldn’t be called Golan The Insatiable. Yes, it’s one of those weird enough titles that can stop a bored channel flipper dead in her tracks, but as much space as bloodthirsty warlord Golan takes up, it’s his tiny acolyte Dylan that anchors the series. Without her, Golan is just another crude monster tearing through animated towns with a lecherous grin. Fun though it is to watch Dylan relish having someone (or something) that understands her boiling hatred and general disdain, it’s her fumbling attempts to deny that she has any kind of humanity that make this show interesting. “Shame On Pee” is the series’ best episode so far by a significant margin exactly because it tackles that fascinating—and hilarious—duality head on. Golan has his moments, but “Shame On Pee” proves that Golan The Insatiable is at its best when it lets itself be Dylan The Insatiable.

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