Sense8: “Art Is Like Religion” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Five episodes in, Sense8’s structure has become clear. It’s eight intercut, localized, relatively generic short films, given personality and connection by the show’s premise. That premise is not used as the main driver of the show—except in one or two character’s cases—but instead as a spice, to give forward momentum to what would otherwise be a cliché.

Take the climax of “Art Is Like Religion.” Unlike the first few episodes, it’s not an action sequence, and unlike the fourth episode, it’s not some sort of only-on-Sense8 montage. It’s just Kala’s wedding, which falls apart in a relatively predictable way. The stress of Kala’s lack of love for her partner in what’s supposed to be a love-based match causes her to collapse at what appears to be the critical point of the ceremony. All of this flows entirely from what’s come before in India: Kala’s “I’m not that excited face” as everyone tells her to be excited is almost the entirety of the character, so in order to stop it from being dramatically inert, something had to happen.

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