Finding Carter: “I’m Not The Only One” Review - AVClub

AVClub: In the first season of Finding Carter, Lori Stevens wasn’t the show’s villain. The villain was change. Yes, in the eyes of the Wilson family, Lori was absolutely the villain, but Carter could never see it that way. Lori was the only mother Carter had ever known before the truth was revealed to her, and letting go of her relationship with Lori meant losing an enormous chunk of her identity and being forced to rebuild it from scratch. Carter was reluctant to do that—who wouldn’t be?—and she had lots of unresolved feelings about Lori, mostly due to how quickly Lori was snatched away from her. It’s hard for anyone when a relationship ends abruptly through no fault of their own. It’s especially difficult for Carter. Not even her fond memories of time spent with Lori truly belonged to her anymore. The only thing she had to hold onto was her name.

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