While We’re Young (2014) Review - Gambitcon

Gambitcon - “Josh, you know the world isn’t a giant conspiracy against you.” Well, as the film explores that maybe just sometimes the world IS a giant conspiracy against you. Josh, a documentarian struggling the last ten years to finish his latest feature, struggling in his mundane life finds a new life force in Jamie and Darby. They represent the couple he would want to be, especially the youth part of that equation. But as usual in a film starring Ben Stiller, Josh gets suspicious and while finding out the truth he ruins all the good around him. Plus there is an obligatory Ben Stiller drug scene.

In previous generation in order to get ahead in life or employment, honesty and truth was the way. Now it is deceit, insolence and straightforwardness. But usually the previous generation has a problem with understanding lifestyle and motivation of the current generation. You can change yourself and who you are if you stop being prejudiced towards everything

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gambitconian1278d ago

Looks good, love Stiller - so I will definitely check it out.