Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 10, ‘Mother’s Mercy’ Review | Resident Entertainment

"Now that is how you end a season of Game of Thrones!

Season 5 has been all about the show’s unprecedented transition from a series concerned with adapting Martin’s work to a series laying the groundwork for its own ambitions. With Mother’s Mercy, the show completed this transformation in exciting form. It was the strongest episode of the season and one that leaves the show in a place where it has well and truly eclipsed its source material." -Fergus Halliday (Resident Entertainment)

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gamesR4fun1278d ago

I liked it i hope its not the last we'll see of snow and the slut walk was a bit dragged out but lets face it couldn't of happened to a nicer character.
i just hope the show won't crumble under the SJW's recent interest....

listenkids1278d ago

Poorly structured episode, too much and too little focus on different characters like they forgot it was a finale then they throw in the last part for the shock value. Oh GRR, we get it already.