Review: Vendetta (2015) | ManlyMovie

Straight forward stuff here, for the first half at least. A cop, Dean Cain, has his pregnant wife beaten to death by crime kingpin Paul ‘The Big Show’ Wight (pulling prolonged WWE promos here as opposed to acting) in her own home. But Cain cannot get to The Big Show since he is now serving time for doing the crime. So Cain must get his own ass locked up by going on a ‘hunting trip’ and openly murdering Big Show’s associates. They wind up in the same jail.

This is when the fun starts. And when I say ‘fun’ I do not mean well executed film making. The plotholes and general narrative laziness are suspect, to say the least. Armed with weapons, men saunter in and out of the cells of other men at will, stabbing and maiming those who have drawn their ire. And this isnt just down to prison corruption, because the protagonist himself is doing it more than anyone...

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