TVF Defiance Review: Home Is Where The Danger Is

Welcome back to Defiance!

After more than 10 months of waiting, Defiance Season 3 Episode 1 and Defiance Season 3 Episode 2 allowed us to find out what happened to Nolan and Irisa, who had jumped into a Votan escape pod just as the mine and caves collapsed around them.

While it was not a big surprise that Nolan and Irisa survived without much in the way of injuries, it became apparent very quickly that the show's budget wasn't so lucky.

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alycakes1279d ago

I couldn't believe what happened in the first episode. It could have been a finale for all the people they killed off and they were main characters. Christie and her dad were very important to the story as far as I was concerned. What is going to happen to that baby now? Will it freeze out there in the middle of nowhere with it's crazy grandmother? I'm happy the show is back because I like it a lot but I just hope they have a good writer.