Movie Suggestion - Eight Below (2006) - Gambitcon

Gambitcon - Almost everyone has a pet at some point in his or her life. Even an imaginary friend can be remotely close to that in some cases. They are animals that share a special connection with its owner. Something of which only the owner and pet could understand. Out of these various animals that constitute as pets, the most domesticated and common of all is the dog. Regularly labeled as “man’s best friend”, the dog continues to be the one of the few animals that can garner enough people to come out and see them in movies. Yes cats are also popular but besides Garfield (2004), who isn’t even real, what other films have portrayed cats in a positive manner as of recent? Majority of the time, they are portrayed as antagonists. There’s also nothing better than pairing up a dog with almost any girl’s dream guy and a guy’s right hand man, Paul Walker.

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