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TVEnthusiast: Dinner With Hannibal - Season 3 Episode 2 Discussion

Dinner With Hannibal is TVEnthusiast’s weekly discussion of NBC’s criminally under-watched masterpiece Hannibal. Each week, Will and Tyson get together to gush over every amazing detail of that week’s episode.

What is cooking this week? The return of Will Graham and Abigail Hobbs, more Luciferian imagery and association, and the introduction of Senior Graham’s Italian counterpart, Inspector Rinadlo Pazzi (portrayed by Itallian Actor Fortunato Cerlino). There are still unresolved aspects of Season 2’s cliffhanger, but Tyson is actually happy with Showrunner Bryan Fuller’s piecemeal approach to resolving the loose ends. Perhaps the most graphic and disturbing piece of Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s “art” unfolded first into his broken man form, and then again into a stag, in a scene that our own News Director Will referred to as nightmare fuel.

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