When Calls the Heart “With All My Heart” Review (Season 2, Episode 7) - TV Equals

TV Equals: When Calls the Heart came to a close last night with a two-hour season finale containing several moments between Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton for which the avid fans of the series have been waiting. During a rescue attempt of Jack’s Bassett hound, Rip, who escaped Jack’s office (i.e. the town jail) when Elizabeth inadvertently left the front door hanging wide open just before a big storm rolled through town, the two had a rather harrowing “adventure” at the old mine shaft. They not only sought shelter there from the storm, but it was the last place Rip ran off to during the last storm. It was during this latest escapade that the budding couple finally worked out their trouble, declaring their love for one another.

While I am a fan of the couple, I have to admit that this was a corny way to get the duo alone together and the mine collapse was a typical troupe to draw them together; but at least it had the desired result. They solidified their “coupledom” by kissing in the mine and again at the café once they returned to Hope Valley. The fans had to be happy for those moments; and were undoubtedly even more excited when hearing Jack practice his proposal to Elizabeth in the mirror at the jail.

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