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Younger: “The Old Ma’am And The C” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Finales matter. It may seem unfair to put pressure on exhausted writers to deliver more than a few twists and a good cliffhanger in the eleventh hour, but that’s the nature of the beast. A finale is a crucial time to revisit a show’s premise and take stock of the original questions being posed in light of everything that’s transpired. Younger is able to do just that when Liza confesses her sins to Cheryl, a past colleague who inadvertently discovers the age-defying charade. At first, Cheryl seems understanding of Liza’s predicament, equating lying about one’s age with the more common workplace ruse of feigning confidence when in doubt. Asking viewers to relate to a forty-year-old character who is pretending to be twenty-six is a tall order, and the show has repeatedly introduced parallels to try to ground such a heightened premise.

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