TVEnthusiast: Dinner With Hannibal - Season 3 Episode 1 Discussion

In our first Dinner With Hannibal discussion, Will and Tyson can’t do much to hold back their enthusiasm and excitement for the return of NBC’s severely under watched series, Hannibal. Episode 1 of Hannibal‘s 3rd season focuses entirely on Hannibal and Bedelia as they enjoy the various flavors of life in Florence, Italy. Black and white flashbacks reveal Abel Gideon’s final moments with Hannibal, discussing cannibalism and the cyclical nature of predator and prey. Tyson and Will think Hannibal Showrunner Bryan Fuller could film Hannibal reading a newspaper, and it would be compelling, but what is explored in the first episode of season 3 is heady, ambitious, and visually stunning.

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