Chris Hemsworth Joins 'Ghostbusters' Reboot as Receptionist


Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are starring as the ghost-hunting foursome in the gender-bending take on the classic supernatural comedy franchise.

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Crazay1282d ago


sigh.... This ....

I have no words. Moving on.

-Foxtrot1282d ago

Ok...the gender swapping thing is now 100% confirmed to be a gimmick nothing all

If Paul wants to be a supernatural Bridesmaid then he can but why use the Ghostbusters brand name.

Paul's comedy's like Bridesmaid, The Heat and Spy are not the same kind of humour as Ghostbusters.

Honestly I really hope this fails, that'll show him.

He basically had an idea for a film after Spy about the supernatural and the script which was probably in the making was most likely changed to Ghostbusters. He did the wedding "genre", he did the action and he's now done espionage.

MilkMan1282d ago

This movie is turning to pure a@@

alycakes1282d ago

Thats' just too funny.....and it is just a movie and it suppose to be funny....

hazelamy1282d ago

the women will be the heroes and the man will be the receptionist.

i love it.

all the insecure manchildren will be crying themselves to sleep over this. ^_^

Defectiv3_Detectiv31281d ago

The reason I take issue with the casting is because all of Fieg's films have the same feel - Ghostbusters is supposed to be unique. That's not to say that I don't find Fieg's films entertaining, but if he's only interested doing a copy and paste job than this will feel like a missed opportunity.

Personally I think it would be more progressive to have a film where both men and women make up the main cast. We've seen Hollywood pander to feminism plenty, and it kind of rings hollow considering how many actresses are discarded by the studio system once they lose their sex appeal.

Janine was always a cool character in the original films, she brought color to them. Hopefully Hemsworth has more in store for the role than just being a gag on role reversal. The original Janine wasn't a one note character.

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