Cool New Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Promo Images


They reuse a couple of older pics unfortunately, but these propaganda-style promotional images for Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice are still well worth a look. They're wanted posters of a sort, seemingly depicting both the Dark Knight and the Man Of Steel as the public view them...

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HOT #BatmanvSuperman #Promo #Art #Batman

A photo posted by Heroic Hollywood (@heroichollywood) on

HOT #BatmanvSuperman #Promo #Art #Superman

A photo posted by Heroic Hollywood (@heroichollywood) on

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04roacht1281d ago

These are fake. I doubt a 200 million dollar film would use a shot from Man of Steel for promotional material. They didn't even photoshop out the building behind Superman. Nice try Elmayiambe

dota2champion1281d ago

How is superman a masked menace when he doesn't even wear a mask

MilkMan1281d ago

I hope they are fake could they look horrible.

big_dom_part_21281d ago

Why do people bother with this shit like this, when they've clearly about as much talent as a chimp trying to paint a portrait of itself with his arse and a bucket of his own shit. Fucking give it a rest. The film is also going to be bollocks.

Lamboomington1280d ago ShowReplies(2)
cell9891280d ago

Everything I've seen about this film is so dark lol. It's like 90% of the film will be in night time. Where are the colors? They're trying too hard to make it another Dark Knight

Dark111280d ago

DC are going for more darker look .. you want colors? go watch a marvel movie.

cell9891280d ago

That tone is perfect for Batman, but not for Superman, wonder woman, aquaman, green Lantern, and certainly not Flash.

SarcasticDuck1279d ago

man of steel broke metropolis on his last act of heroism, so now the action should roll in gotham (and everyone knows gotham is always night lol)