New Civil War Details on Black Panther, The Falcon, & More


We've seen a cavalcade of set pics from Marvel's upcoming superhero epic, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, which features a virtual who's who of characters from previous films, as well as some new faces, that suggests more of an AVENGERS-style film than a standalone Cap story. With each new MCU film we've seen costume upgrades/changes and CIVIL WAR will be no different, as we've already seen for some characters. Today, we have some cool costume, character, and story details for CIVIL WAR that will further your excitement for the project, touching on what upgrades you can expect from returning characters and some details on one of the new ones. As per the usual, you can take these details with a grain of salt or a grain of truth. Or, just check our track record. Read on, but BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

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WizzroSupreme1281d ago

I'm really hoping Black Panther does end up joining Cap's side in the end. There's no way he doesn't have a stake in this fight with Wakanda in the world's sights for its vibranium.