Hugh Jackman Reveals Jerry Seinfeld Played Role In Him Quitting Wolverine


Speaking on Live with Kelly and Michael, Hugh Jackman revealed that his departure from the role of Wolverine may have been influenced by Jerry Seinfeld.

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04roacht1199d ago

Never thoughts I would hear Wolverine and Jerry Seinfeld in the same sentence.

Porcelain_Chicken1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Agreed. Superman and Jerry Seinfeld seems more likely. This was an odd connection though. Man, recasting the Wolverine role is gonna be tough.

StarWarsFan1199d ago

Seeing Wolverine and Jerry Seinfeld in the same headline, I literally thought it was being announced that Jerry Seinfeld would be joining the cast of X-Men.

MilkMan1199d ago

Hugh Jackman. They hit pay dirt when they discovered this man. Well miss him.

MasterD9191198d ago

F*** Seinfeld. Overrated and not funny.

However, Hugh Jackman is the man.