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Salem: “Til Death Do Us Part” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Last week’s Salem episode, “Wages Of Sin,” was a very exposition-heavy one but also one that was much needed. For an entire season, John Alden was completely left in the dark, and for another half a season, he still wasn’t quite sure of all of the pieces of the puzzle. “Wages Of Sin” finally put him on somewhat of an even ground with Mary Sibley, something that seemed like an impossibility for the majority of the series. Now, here in “Til Death Do Us Part,” both on more of a level playing field, John and Mary have to accept the fact—outwardly and not just within the quiet moments and the dark recesses of their minds—that they have both done absolutely unforgivable things to get to where they are now. And to what end? It’s hard to deny that their lives would have been so much different—maybe even better—if they hadn’t made certain decisions. But now it’s too late to know.

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