Halt And Catch Fire: “New Coke” Review - AVClub

AVClub: That the second season of Halt And Catch Fire continues to be very much a do-over, a conscious reshuffling of season one’s ill-fitting parts, is signaled by a single, effectively jarring scene midway through “New Coke.” Joe MacMillan, having accepted an ill-defined job offer from new girlfriend Sara’s imperious oil baron father Jacob (always-welcome new cast member James Cromwell), squares his shoulders under his power suit on his first day of work, setting his face with signature Joe MacMillan arrogance as he rides the elevator to the newest workplace in which he will work his charismatic magic. But when the elevator doors open, the accompanying Joe MacMillan theme music suddenly cuts out and Joe, primed for combat, stands confused in a crappy basement filled with boxes of forms to be entered into computers, and a shlubby coworker—his new boss—who smilingly lectures him on keeping the bathroom clean.

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