Official Synopsis for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Released


Having previously announced their huge presence at this year’s Licensing Expo, along with a new promo image, Warner Bros. has officially released the synopsis for the long-awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which reads as follows:

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Porcelain_Chicken1282d ago

That is a pretty nice Sypnosis. :O Gotta wonder if that threat really is the rumored Doomsday.

Emme1281d ago

Haveing a war between Bruce and Clark sounds like a lazy approach to me :( But then, it continues the tradition of the weak Man of Steel.

Crazay1281d ago

You are aware that this has in fact happened in comics... right?

Emme1281d ago

Yes. Several times actually, iirc, but I feel its a weak opener for this DCU movieverse. You know it feels like these buddy cop movies where they can not stand each other at first and are like brothers in the end. To put a new Batman into a Superman movie and have them fight each other, dunno....

Crazay1281d ago

Fair - to me it seems to make more sense to do a standalone Batman with Affleck and another MOS introducing them to each other somewhere between these 2 movies and causing tension thus resulting in the going toe to toe....Or maybe it should have come after the first justice league but, I'm still super excited for this movie. I still have faith.

MilkMan1281d ago

Doomsday? I hope not? Seems like a megaton bomb right off the bat. Not many enemies that require the entirety of the Justice League to handle and Doomsday is a doozy.
Maybe something made by Luthor (every time I say or write this I remember Ned Beatty as Otis saying Mr. Luthor) since he is in the movie and his got the biggest gripe against Superman and doesn't particularly like Batman either.
Just, really don't know what it might be. Maybe a prototype Braniac? Then again that might come off as Other_Ultron.

The question mark (in my book) is really WHO the antagonist is going to be. Not that Superman and Batman are at odds about their ideologies. That's old hat.

Crazay1281d ago

As much as I'd LOVE to see Doomsday - I'm inclined to agree with you. I think he'd need more of a build up than just 1 movie however, if they were to just get him out of the way then we could see some sort of multi-story arch with Darkseid or Brainiac which could be awesome...

As long as the big bad in this movie isn't Mister Mxyzptlk

KingPin1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

i know its a stretch but heres hoping it could be darkseid.

beat me to it. lol