‘Kingsman’ Star Would ‘Love’ To Play Young Wolverine In ‘X-Men’


There was a time when it seemed that Hugh Jackman would play Wolverine until the day he died. Whether experiencing a high or low, the X-Men movie universe was always able to win fans over thanks to Jackman’s charm, and the character’s surly, brutally effective demeanor. But all good things must come to an end, and Jackman has admitted that it is finally time for him to hang up the adamantium claws, once and for all.

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04roacht1285d ago

He's okay but Wolverine he isn't. He was in contention for Cyclops in Apocalypse. I think that could have worked.

WizzroSupreme1284d ago

The fact that an actor's campaigning for a certain role doesn't mean he'll get it – more often than not, it's a sign that they're not in consideration. Like Punisher, I bet it'll be someone we didn't even think of but would love anyway in the role that gets it.