Chicago PD Season 2 Review | TVOM

TVOM: "Sophomore seasons are usually the toughest to make, especially after a solid first, high expectations towards a quality delivery are set, and both established fan bases and potential new viewers can be brutal. However, Chicago PD took the foundation the series had laid out for itself during its initial 15 episodes and developed its characters and storylines further into a second season that was comprised of 23 installments. In addition, the show continued its trend of having crossovers with its sister series, Chicago Fire and (its mother?) Law & Order: SVU, a move that proved to be as successful as it was engaging. Since the cases of the week are not what make the show strong (the characters are), here are a few of the elements that allowed Chicago PD to secure its place both in the schedule (it got picked up by NBC for a third season) and in the audiences’s hearts."

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