Arrow’s Laurel/Felicity Divide: Why I Still Loved Felicity Smoak in Season 3

TVOM: "Felicity Smoak is the reason why I fell in love with Arrow. Stephen Amell’s abs (and face, and pretty much everything) didn’t hurt either, and obviously, Diggle has been fantastic from the start, but it wasn’t until Felicity showed up on the screen that I knew this was going to become one of my favorite shows. As an audience, many of us fell for Felicity Smoak just the same as the cast, creators, and other characters did. But there were a few holdouts. With a more romantic relationship developing between her and Oliver, some of the audience, the majority of whom read the comics, protested. They wanted Oliver to be with Laurel, and they have been very vocal about their dislike of Felicity coming in and ruining that plan."

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