Spider-Man: The Forgotten Avenger

Ask Marvel fans if they have a problem with the creative direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the big screen and you would be hard-pressed to find many complaints.

Ever since 2008’s Iron Man, Marvel has forged a successful and courageous path for their superheroes in a pop culture format that has been both wide-reaching and financially lucrative. Marvel has reshaped its heroes for a 21st-century audience; recognising the appeal of the super-rich, playboy philanthropist that is Tony Stark, who got himself a multi-million dollar trilogy, whilst also acknowledging the limitations of a standalone movie for Bruce Banner’s Hulk, who Mark Ruffalo has since brilliantly made his own, whilst excelling in popularity with audiences as a member of the supporting cast in The Avengers.

The same cannot be said of the webbed-crusader many consider Marvel’s most-loved character. Spider-Man has been at the epicentre of a titanic struggle both corporately and creatively since Toby Maguire fired him back into popular consciousness in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, a series of films that still divides opinion today.

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