Hannibal: “Antipasto” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Bonsoir, Hannibal.

I missed you.

“Antipasto” is one of Hannibal’s more dreamy episodes, playing with temporality and dreamscape in ways that few other shows even attempt. It’s a beautiful episode that answers many questions about Bedelia and Hannibal’s relationship, while bringing up so many more. For a show that ended its last season in a cliffhanger, few of the basic questions are left untouched. Who made it out of last season’s bloodbath? But Hannibal is rarely concerned with those basic facts. This is a world, remember, where a frail old man can construct a totem pole made of corpses with no help from anyone more able-bodied and a murderer can sit down for dinner with a man he killed long ago to have a conversation about his very nature. Instead, it is more concerned with creating a feeling. And in “Antipasto,” that feeling is terror.

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