Childrens Hospital: “27 Club”Review - AVClub

AVClub: Part of the appeal of very early Childrens Hospital was the idea of these ridiculously sexy, rock star surgeons being played for laughs instead of in the straightforward (yet still somewhat laughable) Grey’s Anatomy sense. They were all too ridiculously cool—Cat had dated Josh Brolin, after all—and that was what you needed in order for these characters to be the best damn doctors in Brazil. As the seasons added up and the narratives became less coherent, the characters all definitely become a lot weirder, but “ridiculously sexy” (despite the very attractive cast, of course) and “rock star surgeons” are concepts that wouldn’t be used to regularly describe them at this point. Those words would be more like “ridiculous” or “surgeons” or “trainwrecks.” But sometimes, the sexiness is brought back to Childrens, and when it is, you end up with episodes like “27 Club.”

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