Indie Horror Film, Creep, Set to Release Soon on iTunes & Netflix

Richard of writes "Every once in a while, with all the films that are being released every year, you come across a trailer for a film that really sticks out in your mind. They are the trailers that do something special, call out to that one place in your brain that awakens your most basic curiosity and instinct that you cannot stop thinking about it. That happened to me yesterday as I was combing through all the emails I receive here at Pop Cults when I came across the trailer for Creep, a thrilling horror film by director Patrick Brice. I was simply astounded when I saw the trailer for Creep as it goes from some kind of slice of life film and takes a terrifying dark turn that makes you question just what the hell is going on. Truly it lives up to its name as you watch the events unfold in the trailer."

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