First Promo Poster For Assassin's Creed: The Movie Starring Michael Fassbender


Fans of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise have been waiting a very long time for the property to be adapted to live-action, but it's now finally coming together with a cast which includes Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Hit the jump to check out the movie's first promo poster...

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-Foxtrot1288d ago

Another video game movie which I'm guessing is going to fail hard or it will be alright but won't seem like AC much.

Guy has never played the games and it will show with his work.

If they just stick closely to the source material they would be fine but they try too hard to make everything different

Crazay1288d ago

I don't think they need to stick too closely to the source material aside from it being Templars vs Assassins thing and the animus (DNA passing memories down through generations". IThe game series has seen Desmond who runs as Altair and Ezio. now we have nameless/faceless people who become the main antagonist. SO they could easily use a new series of people and an entirely different story.

-Foxtrot1288d ago

Yeah but we've seen many times before Hollywood tries to do something different and they mess up.

Instead of straying away from it, stick to it.

Nothing wrong about a game featuring Altair, that game could easily be compressed into a film as most of the missions were so repetitive you could get rid of the unimportant ones and keep the main targets.

Soldierone1287d ago

Why the hell do they keep hiring people that never play the dang games....

It's so annoying. At least hire someone with respect towards the source material...

coolbeans1288d ago

Stupid to add 'The Movie' subtitle. Hopefully that's just a placeholder.

Soldierone1287d ago

Being outright honest, I hate it. Looks like it was thrown together in 10 minutes with quick effects that don't blend at all. "The movie" text looks cheesy, and the poster itself isn't even formatted properly.

Hope the effort put into the movie is better than this.