Pop Cults - Love Between the Covers Review

Richard of writes "I have to admit, while I was curious to see this documentary, that will be featured at the Los Angeles Film Fest, I had no idea what to expect nor had any kind of expectations for it to hold my interest. Instead, after watching the first few minutes of it, I found myself fixated on the film as much as Dezi can get fixated on some of the types of books that are the subject it. The same far-off, lost-in-the-pages look she has when she is reading the latest Nora Roberts or Dakota Cassidy book is probably the same way I looked as I was watching this film. And while I can’t say that I would be interested in reading those books any more now than I did back then I will say that after hearing what the authors of the books said in their interviews in Love Between the Covers I do understand more why they are as popular as they are."

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