CinemaBlend Review: Spy

Cinema Blend:
Another hilarious offering from the ribald duo of director Paul Feig and his audacious muse, Melissa McCarthy.

Spy is the funniest thing to happen to the espionage genre since Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Like Mike Myers’ surreal and goofy hit, Spy has an impeccable understanding of how a secret agent story is supposed to unfold, and it follows the expected beats… for the most part. But Spy consistently holds its material up to the light and approaches it from new angles, wondering what can be funny about a genre that usually takes itself way too seriously.

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alycakes1287d ago

I'm going to see this for a lot of reason...I love Jason Statham and MM is funny and this is a little different for her but also because there will be another female actor that I want to see that I love. Miranda Hart is a British comedian and she is hysterical. She has a small part and anyone that has ever seen her knows how great she is.