Heroes Reborn: Noah Gray-Cabey Returns As Micah


Remember little Micah Sanders, son of Niki and D.L. on the original Heroes series? A bit of a real rebel?

The actor who played him, Noah Gray-Cabey, is 19 years old now… and we have now gotten confirmation from NBC that he is returning for the limited series Heroes Reborn, which will air Thursdays this Fall on the network.

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Aldous_Snow1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Ugh really? Thought his character sucked.

No Petrellis, no Clairebear, no Sylar, no Ali Larter (I believe there was a 3rd "sister" named Barbara who we never seen)

Not sure if Ando is confirmed, but he was bloody annoyin anyway. Can't remember what happened to Parkman or peado Doyle.

Needed at least one Petrelli, maybe Angela as she was full of dark secrets, though she always managed to get out of a pickle by the skin of her knickers. Her character was great.

I liked Arthur. Total badass and could easily have survived a bullet to the face. And I miss all the oldies like Bob, Linderman, Hiros dad, Parkmans dad. But they all bloody dead lol

I just hope that it doesn't suck and I hope they got a decent budget to work with.

Save the cheerlea... No, nevermind.