Nicolas Winding Refn Says He’s Working on Tokyo-Set Spy Film, The Avenging Silence

Earlier this year, Nicolas Winding Refn finished work on his new film, The Neon Demon, and he has some more films cooking for his follow-up.

Steve recently spoke with the writer-director and asked about future projects.

Back in 2013,Refn said he was working on Valhalla Rising sequel set in Tokyo. For those who haven’t seen the bizarre 2009 picture, Mads Mikkelsen stars as a mute warrior who is captured by Vikings, and eventually the story delves into the surreal. When talking about the Tokyo project, Refn said, “I had this idea of Mads Mikklesen to go back to the origins of this character. But make the movie in Tokyo.” As for why he chose Tokyo, he said the city was “a world onto itself” and only elaborated that the movie was “about the future.”

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