I'm Sick Of Complaining About Remakes And Reboots

WOW247: "This morning, I was about to write an angry blog about the new trailer for the horrendous-looking ‘Vacation’ reboot. Then I found myself overwhelmed by a sense of resigned weariness."

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Crazay1287d ago

I think Vacation looks awesome man. I'm not one to want to see comedies in theaters but this one I would for sure watch

shodan741287d ago

It just seems to lack all the charm and spirit of the original in favour of something a bit more mean-spirited. Maybe it's just me, but it looks like a pretty standard modern comedy with the 'Vacation' label stamped on it.

At least Chevy Chase is making a cameo though!

Crazay1287d ago

Hahahha. Granted I see the younger brother as being a little more on the harsh side but wait and see how it's actually executed. I suspect he's going to get his comeuppance. The redband trailer had me in stitches so I sure hope all the funniest parts weren't blown already.